Who is Floresteca?

Founded in 1994, the Floresteca Group is World´s largest private teak supplier and operator, managing over 100,000 hectares of forestry land and over 38 million trees.  Aside from forestry management Floresteca specialises in developing seeds, producing and cloning seedlings, planting, harvesting, processing and trading responsibly grown teak.  The group benefits from ideal conditions in Brazil due to the availability of arable low priced land, sufficient rainfall, high soil quality and optimum climate conditions.  Moreover Brazil offers access to an economically favourable labour force and extensive expertise in forestry and timber processing.  With 1.000 skilled employees Floresteca manages over $850 Million in forestry assets and aims to produce a sustainable supply of 200.000 cubic meters of teak lumber per annum distributing to Brazil, Asia and Europe.

Permanent investments in expansion of the forestry base and in social responsibility programs ensure the accomplishment of its long-term strategy; this also reinforces the commitment of Floresteca to its stakeholders. Managed by entrepreneurs and professionals with solid long term experience in the forestry business, Floresteca adopts a transparent business model, audited by internationally well-renowned companies. With offices in Brazil, The Netherlands and Singapore, Floresteca supplies the Brazilian market and exports teak currently to Europe and Asia.

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