Our Commitment

Global Forestry represents a commitment to excellence of service to our shareholders that is visible in our work and communications.  Global Forestry Capital, located in our regulatory center of Luxembourg, is available to all investors to answer your questions and provide you with necessary information. 

Foundation of Trust

We believe our independence and heritage as a private company has given Global Forestry Capital and the Global Forestry Growth Brand a very strong ethos, based on the enduring values of loyalty, integrity and responsible investing.  We see this combination as the bedrock of our brand.

The Global Forestry Brand

Our core values, our knowledge of forestry, and our vigorous focus define us. At Global Forestry, we consider that the real potential of the forestry investments has yet to be discovered by most investors. We strongly believe in bringing to investors a whole new perspective on the forestry asset class reflected by ‘A New Breed of Forestry Fund’.


“We take success as seriously as you do”

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