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While many financial institutions try to provide many disparate services, we believe that having a tireless focus is the right strategy. Our focus is to efficiently explore the potential of natural capital in order to offer investors alternative investment opportunities, combining consistent returns over the long term and a clear positive impact upon society and the environment.

Global Forestry Capital has developed, initiated, distributed and managed yield-oriented and tax optimized investments in the alternative investments sector for specific categories of investors. We constantly think about our clients and how we can better serve and respond to their changing needs while having a positive impact on society and the environment.

At Global Forestry Capital our intelligent management solutions are designed to work with a wide array of institutions, corporations, public funds and high-net-worth individuals. As the demand for market neutral alternative funds continues to increase, so does our product portfolio. 

Global Forestry Capital specializes in open-ended investment funds and related private equity fund opportunities.

Global Forestry assumes a wide range of tasks over the entire life cycle of the investment.  We are constantly monitoring economic conditions, market and sector developments as well as regulatory changes.  Where appropriate, our active investment style prepares decisions on the sale in the interests of investors.

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