Floresteca Group Overview

Floresteca is the world's largest privately owned teak producer:

  • Founded in 1994, with the objective of developing and managing large scale teak plantations in Brazil
  • Focused on sustainable production and marketing of high-quality certified teak timber
    • Offers a responsible alternative to tropical timber from natural forests
    • Planting contributes in a structural and substantial way to CO2 sequestration
    • Also, processes teak in sawmills
  • 109,000 hectares of land and nature reserves under management
    • 24,000 hectares of planted teak forest
    • Target expansion to 50,000 hectares; 55 million teak trees
  • Production of 200,000 m3 of round timber annually
    • Production target of 400,000 to 750,000 m3
  • Carbon credits already registered and sold
    • Potential of permanent CO2 sequestration of 750,000 tons per year
  • Forestry certified programmes
  • About 1,000 skilled employees

Accreditations & Partners

  • Auditors & Tax: KPMG
  • Lawyers: Demarest, XBB and DGCGT
  • Forest Certification: SGS
  • Forest Appraisals: Pöyry, SGS, and Sewall

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